Hello Zanz Fans!

After years stuck in an old school / non digital state, Zanz Mexican Restaurant is excited to announce that we are quickly coming around to the 21st century!

Here's what:

We recently launched our own website! After decades of business, we finally have an online location to post our menu, share recent news, and field questions and requests! We hired a digital advertising agency called OTTO MEDIA GROUP (OMG) to help us with several projects including creating our new website!

Here's why:

In today's age, a website is almost a necessity to reach new customers and inform existing customers. We wanted to be able to send customers to one clean location to be able to find all they need to know about our business. This need, in combination with our own Wesley Otto starting an advertising agency, made perfect sense that we would take this small leap into the digital world. This website now allows us to better serve you our customers!

In closing:

As always we strive to provide you with the same high quality product we've been serving Mankato since purchasing Zantigo's in 1987. Going forward, please feel free to email or call management with any feedback or even reach out to us using our new website :)


The Otto Family